Prai Conference

Missionaries in Southeast Asia mainland asked prayer for the Prai conference, and what a blessing it was! Many thanks to those who prayed!

Each year the planning improves, more attend, and there is greater participation.  The missionaries are thankful for a Bible teacher from the ‘Nong Mae La’ yearlong study programme who taught on ‘true faith.’  His visuals have been reproduced for all the Prai churches, and his lessons will be reviewed.

For the third year in a row, the conference was held in the grounds of a former Christian clinic, and the church next door was used for the meetings and they are thankful for this provision.

The teaching sessions were a blessing! Groups from various villages led the worship times.

The Prai young ladies did a great job preparing the children’s programme, and there was help from four missionaries from other locations.

The teens had special time with an experienced leader. As school was in session during conference, many of the older students were not able to take time off school to attend.  Most of the younger students were excused.

Over a dozen who had trusted in Christ were baptised at the conference. Thank you, Lord, for giving new life!

Pray for God’s continued work in the lives of the Prai Christians, and increased opportunities to reach out to many who are still in darkness.