Practical support

It is almost a year since Boris and Valentina Bergen with Zac, Benaja, Phil Noah and Zea Madeleine returned to the Philippines. When they left Germany, they were not sure what their ministry would look like but it has been one of practical support, helping new missionaries, and organising visiting teams.

Benaja and Phil Noah are having fun doing their schooling together and Zea Madeleine is growing well.

A couple who have completed their mission training and are looking at the Philippines as a possible future mission field will be visiting them this month.

Then later this month, as a family, they plan to stay for two weeks in a tribal location. Boris will be helping with a building project and Valentina will be home schooling and cooking as the lady missionary will be away at a workshop. Pray that they will be a blessing and that nothing untoward happens, as the mission helicopter will be out of service during that time.