Possible with God

Teaching now becomes rather complex until the end of the school year (Aug.), when David and Chris will exit the teaching programme due to the change of visa platform. They will both be teaching for a short period, and then there will be a period when they won’t be allowed to teach, then the final period when Chris will teach alone. Please pray for stamina and patience for them both as they endeavour to finish as they started five years ago.

Back in early February David and his co-worker, were able to visit two disabled candidates for the forth-coming skills programme at the hospital. Please pray for wisdom for David’s co-worker who is overseeing the programme that he could plan and assess things in advance, such as needed finances and some of the logistics of running such a programme. Also pray that God will provide a carer/s for candidates during the programme.

Chris continues with her Master’s course in ‘Wound Healing and Tissue Repair’. Considering all the chaos, busyness, sudden crisis and very slow internet, which makes up life in Asia-Pacific, it is no small matter that she has passed everything thus far! They giveall the praise to God. Of course she has worked very hard, but this environment is definitely not one she would suggest to anyone else wanting to do such study! As she is currently behind, she has requested an extension on her next assignment’s due in date. Chris will begin preparations on her dissertation in June and she would appreciate prayer to persevere, be patient, and able to balance study with everything else.

Recently NTM had its regional conference and it was well attended by both foreign and Indonesian members. It was a good time for David and Chris to catch up on what God is doing through the different teams. Unfortunately, Chris got very sick during this time, requiring them to stay on foran extra week after the conference until she felt well enough to travel.
David has had a couple of opportunities to give sermons in the last few months, with a couple more to come. He is working his way through a book study of Philippians. He does not feel like a natural preacher/teacher and is a very slow learner of the national language. Consequently each sermon’s preparation takes a really long time. However, God seems to have given him a gift of tenacity, which, in these situations, serves to get the job done. Praise God that He uses our weaknesses and nothing is impossible for Him!

The biggest thing happening in David and Chris’ lives at present is the change in thevisa platform. Chris’ English Teaching visa will expire on 18th March. The application process through the Religious Dept. is well underway for David’s new visa as a Spiritual Support Worker. However, there have been many challenges and sudden crisis moments so far, as is the norm. They hope that this new visa may be granted as early as the beginning of April.

If/when, they have their new visa and are back in Indonesia (hopefully next month), David will begin his new role. Please pray for God’s wisdom as they work towards becoming a blessing in this new role. Pray for encouragement and stamina at this time for them and their co-worker who faithfully assists them in the visa process.

Even though David and Chris feel somewhat overwhelmed with the change of role coming up, they take heart and confidence that all that seems impossible to them is most certainly possible with God. Potentially this new role will allow them many opportunities for direct spiritual input into the established church. There are still many ‘Christians’ who are pressured by their community and family to indulge in animistic practices yet there are also some strong Christians. Please pray that they can be a blessing and support to them and help strengthen the church in their relationship with God and in taking the Gospel out to those who do not yet know the Lord Jesus Christ.

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