Pointing to God

Aaron and Amy Speitelsbach serve the Lord among the Glarro people in Liberia, West Africa. Their stay in Germany was a fairly restful time and they enjoyed seeing some of their friends and supporters, once out of quarantine. They did get Covid whilst there, but that is all history now.

To get back into Liberia, they need to be vaccinated and get their re-entry permits renewed that had expired in the meantime. They were able to get both done.

Now in Monrovia, they have some paperwork and shopping to do, and then they will have to collect their barrels that they shipped to Liberia and find the best way to get them to their village. One idea is to ask someone to take them along the coast in their cargo boat, so that they can receive them in a town not too far from their village (3½h drive).

In about a week, MAF will fly Aaron and Amy from Monrovia to an airstrip close to their village. They will then drive to the village and pick up with their work where they left off.

Back in the village, Aaron will concentrate on Bible lessons again and Amy will pick up her literacy efforts in the school. She is planning to do something new, and include a short Bible story/devotion before each class. She had originally planned on, (and still will), include Bible stories into post-literacy but she never knows how much time she has with the kids, before they quit school or are sent off to school elsewhere. It takes a long time to finish the literacy programme and Amy has a burden to point them towards God as much as possible.

Aaron and Amy thank God:

–              For the many friends they have in Germany and the encouragement that they have been to them.

–              For the time that they have had to rest and re-focus.

–              For their co-workers who were taking care of things while they were gone.

Please pray:

–              That they can take care of all the things that need to be done in Monrovia before returning to the village and for safe travel.

–              That the Bible lessons will continue to make progress and be very clear and understandable and that God will work in the hearts of those working to develop them and convince them of their need of Him.

–              For patience for Amy in teaching literacy and for wisdom and direction as she teaches about God.