Plenty going on

Daniel and Rachel’s co-workers, the Lenzes, continue to labour by themselves. Levi is involved day to day in many tasks including discipling the believers, preparing Bible lessons and teaching them, translating God’s Word, building a new house for our old ‘Papa,’. Levi’s wife Robyn is home schooling, reaching out to the ladies, preparing Sunday School lessons, giving medical help to villagers as well as caring for the needs of their family too. Very busy indeed!
The believers continue to be excited about their salvation and sharing this truth with others. Two men are very active in sharing the Gospel message with people and challenging them to consider what they are trusting in to get to Heaven. Some of the believers are considering baptism but are counting the cost. Some of the Sunday school children have expressed that they too are trusting in what Christ has done for them and would like to be baptised too. Praise God for what He is doing there and pray for boldness and wisdom for these young babes in Christ! Pray for health and strength and wisdom for Levi and Robyn.
Praise God that the team were able to ‘buy’ a newer vehicle from a missionary who was selling his.
Whilst on home assignment Dan and Rachel have been busy with meetings, helping at the church and much more; they have enjoyed special time with family and friends.
Going back to PNG does mean that Dan and Rachel have to take lots of stuff back with them such as home schooling materials (which needs to be researched, decided upon, ordered and paid for – these things are not cheap so we are very grateful for free education in the UK), as well as clothes and shoes for all of them to last for the next few years and future presents too, as well as any medical supplies they need.
Also, plane tickets need to be purchased following renewal of passports, visas and entry permits. Pray that this will all be completed in good time for them to return in August.

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