Planting the seed

Simon and Annika Flanagan with Nya, Noah, Karis, Judah and Ethan had planned to go back into their home amongst the Mengen people for a month to continue teaching and training. However, because of weather, they had some failed attempts to fly back and they are now at the support centre. Simon had planned to drive and then hike into their location but again weather has flooded rivers and made travel and fording rivers unsafe for now. Pray that they can get in to print much needed material and encourage the church.

Simon also has a people group assessment (PGA) coming up which will be 10 days long (2nd March – 12th March). The PGA team will be checking into new areas and people groups. Pray for safe travel (by plane, foot and water boat) and health, as they will be travelling around sleeping in house boy huts as they travel from village to village.

Literacy classes have finished with all 17 students graduating. One of the faithful Mengen teachers supervised the two classes.

Right now the church is experiencing some opposition. Pray that they can be thankful and happy to bear trials as a body for following Christ. Pray for these times to bring continued growth in unity and church family bonds.

The church is working, preparing and giving towards the N.T. Bible dedication that will be happening in June this year. The N.T. has arrived safely in the country.

Recently 17 young people were baptised which is a huge encouragement for them to see hunger in the young people.

Pray for improved health: they seem to have had a season of health issues from vomiting bugs, sore throats, and infections to malaria.

Pray for three leaders in training to grow into being willing shepherds who deeply care for the flock. They have some opposition at present. They need time and experience but are showing great potential. Pray for wisdom as Simon disciples them into these roles.

Pray for a meeting between both Mengen churches that it will strengthen both churches and grow them together as a family.

Simon and Annika’s kids love their home with the Mengen church. They are very thankful for their current home school helper. Pray for the Lord to provide a helper/helpers in August for six months to a year to help them teach their kids. The benefit to their ministry cannot be overstated!

Currently a couple of projects are running for some ministry vehicles. In particular, they are hoping to purchase a quad bike to help maintain the airstrip.

Pray for the many Mengen people that have not heard the Gospel. Pray for teaching, training and discipleship for effective growth of the Mengen church so they can plant the seed with those who have not heard in the next year or so.

Thank you for standing with them in prayer!