Planted seeds

The interested group is small but that is okay. Planted seeds are always small. Pray for stamina for the teachers, and that the hearers will not get tired of attending.

Bible studies in Jim and Judy’s home are still well attended.
Interest in the Dom New Testament is slowly growing. Many of the believers already have their copies but the requests are trickling in especially from young people. An eternal investment in the next generation.

It is no use having Scriptures when people cannot read. Literacy is a vital part of the ministry. The young people learn to read their own language quickly but many of the older generation struggle. Much progress has been made through Judy’s tutoring.

In 2010, a massive landslip toppled Jim and Judy’s house (they have since rebuilt just a few yards down the road). The church building also took a hit and although it did not fall over it had been slowly listing to one side to the point where no one felt safe meeting inside it. Late last year the believers took the church building down in order to rebuild elsewhere. Lots of work went into preparing the new site for rebuilding this month. It will be a big blessing to have a meeting house again complete with desks and chalk board for Dom literacy and Sunday services and weeknight Bible studies. It is close enough to Jim and Judy’s house that they can run a wire underground to the church for lighting.

Gerolf is hard at work learning Dom language and culture. His goal is to obtain fluency by the end of the year. Please pray for his progress.

Praise the Lord and rejoice with Jim, Judy, Gerolf and Mailis for all that is happening in the Dom.
They thank you in advance for your continued prayers and support through 2018.

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