Pink trousers

“Lord, please provide us with everything we need; maybe also pink trousers for Sophia.” That was Sandra’s prayer some weeks ago when she was going through Sophia’s clothes and noticed that she had just two pairs of trousers left that fit her. The next morning Sandra was given a bag full of clothes. In the bag there was a pile of trousers and other things that fit Sophia perfectly. But what touched Stephan and Sandra most, was the pair of pink trousers, Sophia’s favourite colour! They were once again overwhelmed by God’s grace, His trustworthiness and most of all His perfect timing!
We can read in Titus 1:3 that God also had a perfect timing for bringing the Good News about Jesus Christ into this world. What an amazing privilege to have God’s Word, the Bible, in our language and to be able to read it!
As Stephan and Sandra are preparing for Southeast Asia they are meeting with field members, former missionaries, or arranging things. They are also starting to listen to short movies in the language they will need to learn. They limit the listening to simple and natural conversations. The goal is not to learn the language but to get used to the sounds and the music. It is a tonal language and is rather unique. Therefore, it’s very important if you say something with a high, middle or low or with a rising, falling or steady voice. For example, “maa” means: come, dog or horse, depending on the tone.
For some, this might sound like a horror movie! Fortunately, for Stephan and Sandra it’s a welcome challenge. They appreciate learning new languages.
Sandra’s sister-in-law is from Southeast Asia which gives them another opportunity to find out information about the language and culture in the country where they will soon live. They also have the opportunity to get some cross cultural experience with different nationalities in their church and with their neighbours. Stephan has the chance to translate for some Afghani guys on Sundays and also tries to keep in contact with them during the week. Sandra even gets to talk Russian with a neighbouring friend, which was the language Stephan and Sandra learnt for five weeks during their ‘missionary training’ in England.
Stephan and Sandra would value your prayers for continuous joy in all their preparations and the right focus in all that they do. It’s not easy to balance work, family, preparation, free time, church and friends. Pray for peace as they look to the Lord for provision and how best to prioritise things.
Last month Stephan and Sandra had the privilege to take a service at their sending church in Buchs, Switzerland. It was a great opportunity for them to share about the unreached in Southeast Asia Mainland and about New Tribes Mission and Swiss Mission Fellowship. They will be able to share at their church again on the 23rd of June for a whole evening. Stephan also takes services at other churches which is a real blessing and privilege. The 25th September, will be their last service at their sending church.

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