Piapoco New Testament

After a great eight months on home assignment in the USA, visiting family, friends and churches, Wayne and Patsy Gibson arrived back in the jungle town, during dry season and the manacái harvest, thankful to the Lord for the opportunities to serve Him among the Piapocos. Just before arriving, the Lord gave them a special visit with family in Colombia, too. Pray for them in decisions to be made regarding their ministry and the Chamí work.

The translation consultant has now approved all the books of the Piapoco New Testament for publication, so Wayne has been working to correct punctuation and spelling errors in the text. Illustrations and maps have been selected to be included in the NT, and other details regarding publication, which they hope to do this June. Thank you for praying for this New Testament, which is vital for the growth of the Piapoco church and its future ministries.

Wayne and Patsy thank the Lord for the opportunities to help Piapoco believers grow spiritually and be equipped for serving others. Thank you for praying for these ministries:

  • Wayne’s study and discipleship with the men, in the book of Acts.
  • Patsy’s discipleship time with a lady, in the book of Romans.
  • The ladies Bible study in Acts, with other ladies teaching. Pray for Patsy as she coordinates the classes.
  • The Kids Bible Club.

Recently, Patsy invited the women´s teaching team over to discuss the plan of action for the ladies´ and children´s ministries. It was a good time of fellowship and prayer. Thank you for praying for these opportunities and for growth of the ladies in their relationship with the Lord and their outreach to others with His Word.

Some of you have asked how the situation in a neighbouring country is affecting their area. They have seen quite a few nationals from that country come here, as well as many Piapocos, looking for work, food, and medical help. Please pray that these Piapocos will also be taught the Gospel in their own language. Their already appears to be one who is ready to hear the teaching of God´s Word in his own language.

Last month Wayne and Patsy spent a week at a prairie village. One of the purposes was to teach the believers about God´s qualifications for elders. Then in a special meeting, two of the Piapoco leaders were recognised as elders/pastors, with the laying on of hands, and prayer for their shepherding ministry. Pray for them as they shepherd the Lord´s people.

They also ask for prayer for their son’s father-in-law, who has battled brain cancer for three years. It appears that it has become much worse. Pray that the Lord will sustain the family during this time and be a constant presence in this dear man’s life.