The past two months were truly a phenomenal time for Phil and Vina le Roux (who serve among the Agutayen people of the Philippines). A gift from the Lord! July was a wonderful month of serving in the USA. They were very blessed to be able to lead the vacation Bible school for a wonderful group of believers. Both Phil and Vina worked alongside the church members to share God’s Word with the children. Phil worked with the teens and Val worked with the 3 – 12 year olds. Phil and Vina felt that they learned a lot too. They would do it again in a heartbeat!

After more travel, they were privileged to meet with fellow missionaries and attend their conference. They were invited to learn, and to share about their church planting experiences. They made some very special friendships and were greatly encouraged.

Visiting with their church, precious brothers and sisters in Christ, and partners in the ministry was a special but too short a time.

At Rock Haven Bible Camp, they had the privilege of serving alongside their children, Val and Lamar, and Angelique and Boeta (who were volunteering for the summer). Phil was actively involved in the camp whilst Vina looked after their grandson so that Val could be more involved in the camp. A gift for both of them!

In August, they took Angie and Boeta back to college and settled them for their second year. God gave Angie improved health whilst they were with her. It was so very hard to say goodbye to them, but Phil and Vina’s hearts are at peace knowing that being able to see them this year was an undeserved and unexpected gift of grace. In their absence, things went really well with the church on Agutaya. The youth camp was a great success and Phil and Vina are so thankful for those that helped send the children by providing funding. They are praying two people that helped with the children’s work will stay in Agutaya and help with the church!

The church is doing well and Phil and Vina look forward to seeing the people soon. They are currently in Manila supply buying, visiting the dentist and sorting various business things; for example, the building project for the school on a different island. Typhoons coming through are hampering their return. Pray the weather will clear so they can get back. They have big plans for the church building in the next year! Please pray with them as they look for the perfect place to build, and make plans.

They are also looking to purchase a reliable “tora tora” for the church. Many of the church members come from far and rely on the vehicle to be able to attend church. They also need a reliable vehicle for the outreach teaching. The Lord has graciously blessed them with the funding to buy the vehicle, but being on an island it is never easy to get vehicles there. Pray for the logistics and please join them in praising the Lord for His gracious provision.

Seeing how well the church has done in their absence reminds them how wonderful it would be to have a national pastor. The Lord has yet to provide one, so for now they know that this is what He has for them. Pray for them to be content in His perfect timing even when the tasks sometimes seem overwhelming.

Prayer requests:

  • The weather to settle and allow them to travel back to the island.
  • For Angie’s medical bills to be sorted according to God’s will.
  • Their kids as they start their second year of college.
  • For Val and her family. That they will serve the Lord well.
  • For Phil and Vina as they seek to shepherd the church well. They need wisdom and endurance.
  • For the Lord’s guidance and provision for a permanent church building.
  • For the members of their church to grow in faithfulness.
  • That they will share their faith and show love to the lost around them.
  • For family in South Africa that are having various serious health challenges.

They are so thankful for the Lord’s provision for their church in South Africa. The Pastor will have some financial support for the next year. They are so thankful that these precious souls will continue to grow in truth and knowledge under his teaching.

Thank you for partnering with Phil and Vina in the Lord’s work.