Phase two

That means, that Michaela has learned around 800 words and now the class is split into smaller groups and there is more speaking time for each student. They are working on small stories.
Michaela loves this phase. She already recognises many words and is learning a lot more. But it still takes a lot of practice to be able to recall the whole vocabulary and to put it into whole sentences. Michaela hopes to make some friends with people who actually do speak French. The ladies on the market prefer to speak Wolof and most of them don´t know French.
Michaela now has a host church in Dakar; there are over 200 people in the church so Michaela wants to get involved in some sort of ministry to get to know people! She will start having a host family in June or July and this will also be the time when she will move apartments to closer to where her host family lives.
Michaela would appreciate your prayer for: good relationships with the people, not only for language learning, but also to be a witness. Pray for her focus, that she keeps in mind that it is all worth it, because of HIM. Michaela misses family and friends a lot.

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