Phase 4

It’s also an opportunity to find out more about culture, upbringing, life experiences and work. Esmé has started with her language helper’s life story, but will seek to work with other people too outside of the time they have together in class. Pray that Esmé wouldn’t ask inappropriate/probing questions for the culture or for the people she speaks with.

A few weeks ago Esmé had been unwell for a few days with a heavy cold/virus and as a result, did not attend church on the Sunday. On Friday…in the evening Esmé’s whole host family came over to pray for her! She was quite overwhelmed as each member of the family (including two young girls of five  and eight) prayed for her followed by singing. Amazing, wonderful and humbling. It left Esmé pondering as to when she had ever done this for her friends?

Esme has been learning that clothing is important in Senegal and when dressing in your smartest cultural clothing you are honouring the people you are going to meet. That is not to say that people wear their smartest clothing all the time though, (otherwise it would cease to be smart and become everyday wear!)

On Easter morning, Esmé attended church with her host family, having gone over to have breakfast with them first thing! The children were wearing clothing made from the same fabric, which had been bought specially for the occasion, (as they were taking part in singing some songs to the church). 

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