Phase 1 teaching

The girls are from many different language groups so the team use the Tok Pisin Bible and give the lessons in Tok Pisin. The team had to work hard to cut back the lessons from 68 to the available 33 lessons.
Pray that the girls’ hearts’ desire will be to get to know God as their personal Saviour and Lord. As a teaching team they have so much to learn. None of the ladies, Ineke included, have taught a group like this before in Tok Pisin. A Nakanai Bible teacher is also taking part in the teaching. Pray for unity and growth for the team. They have done three out of the thirty three lessons and all sixty girls attended.
In five weeks the mission centre at Hoskins will fill up with guests for the annual conference. Pray for Gods peace and wisdom in priorities as Ineke thinks of what still needs to be done. Recently a work team from the USA helped at the centre remodelling the new multipurpose office building. Translation, church development and literacy offices are being built in the old supply building. The work team is amazing; they have taken four weeks holiday to do this work. The new supply office area will not be finished before conference and Ineke will have to set up the conference supply store in a temporary place. Several missionaries attending the conference like to go back to the bush with a full stock of supplies so there is much work to be done in the weeks before conference.
Ineke is always keen to share about the work of the tribal missionaries whom she supports as a supply buyer at the centre. At this time the first ever phase 1 teaching is being done by NTM missionaries on one of the islands. Pray for faithful students to attend and that the work at a local the timber company will not pull people away from hearing God’s message. In another area the missionaries are giving literacy classes and working on preparing Bible lessons to start teaching soon. The battle is clearly visible in area of health and religious opposition. Praise the Lord for several tribal churches who recognise God’s heart and reach out beyond the borders of their own language group. These believers can reach those small and seemingly forgotten tribal groups that live tucked away in the bush. still without the upcoming mobile communication and with their ancestral beliefs and fears. Praise the Lord for mature tribal churches. Pray that they do not copy the errors in the western churches but are building their faith on the truth of God’s Word.

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