At the end of this month fourteen students will finish their four-year training. Some of them plan to go back to their home churches to help there, some are taking on a new ministry in a different place and some of them are still seeking direction. Please be praying for those students that the Lord will direct their next steps; also for stamina to finish well.
Right now temperatures are quite high there. Not only the foreigners but nationals are complaining about the heat. In addition to that, they are experiencing daily power cuts for four – five hours but always at different times of the day. This means that not only the fans do not run but also fridge, freezer, washing machine, lights, computer, and internet can’t be used. Pray that Samuel and Judith maintain a good attitude and find ways to still keep up with their work load.
At the end of March Samuel and Judith were very happy to have visitors from Germany; especially Joel and Hannah, who enjoyed spending time with their grandparents and their uncle and aunt. They were thankful that to be able to get away together for a week and that they made lots of wonderful memories.
Joel turned four at the end of April and is now practicing riding his new bike. Hannah is a happy girl and loves exploring but has a very strong will.
Samuel and Judith’s visas are still a matter for prayer. Before their visas can be extended for another year NTM needs a work permit for foreign workers. If this document doesn’t arrive soon they will have to leave the country at the end of this month. So they are anxious about what will happen in the next couple of weeks and they need wisdom to make the right decisions at the right time.
At the moment Samuel and Judith often feel like they are in a race in which they need perseverance. The heat makes them tired, the long power cuts can get annoying, the different culture is still sometimes difficult to understand, lots of unexpected things come their way and they do not know how the visa situation will work out etc. Please pray for them that they continue to persevere and that they keep their eyes fixed on Jesus.

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