Perfect timing

Adrian and Evi Jotter with Melissa and Lukas have been learning that God’s timing is just perfect! Recently, Adrian in particular came to a point where he felt exhausted and tired all the time. Just in those weeks, Ethnos360 Germany had scheduled workshops about stress. The teaching was very helpful. He would not have listened the way he did, if the workshops had taken place a few months earlier. They are now learning to schedule and actually take a weekly day of rest.

They eagerly and earnestly pray that the Lord might prepare their departure and the harvest field in the Philippines. They also ask the Lord to send more workers into the fields. In all the ‘successful’ missionary stories, you will find that the work was mainly done through prayer. This is a very helpful and necessary reminder, not to forget to pray.

The kids have been home from nursery since mid-December and the only real variety that they had in this lockdown was a beautiful week of snow. Now, they are all very happy that they are allowed back in nursery, which helps a lot, especially because Evelyn is 23 weeks pregnant, after having two miscarriages in 2020.

After handing in their application to the NTCP (New Tribes Church Planters of the Philippines), they were able to have their final interview in February. It was a good conversation with a nice atmosphere and they could feel a connectedness with the missionaries they have only seen on screen so far. They are now officially members of the Philippine field (NTCP). Adrian and Evi’s goal is to depart for the Philippines in September 2021. They hope to invite many people to their farewell service. Please pray with them for the right timing in everything.