Peaceful hearts

Chris and Ingrid Hughes with Jonathan and Lydia were given an option to return to Papua New Guinea this month. A quick response was needed and with two young children and a house to pack up, the news was exciting as well as daunting. Chris and Ingrid just stood in their kitchen looking at each other and feeling genuinely lost as to what they should do. After much prayer and timely advice, they finally concluded that they would not be able to get ready in time. They are gutted that they will not be back in PNG in November and they would have loved to get the journey behind them. However, they have also seen God clearly close this door and they are so grateful for His leading. They are also grateful that Jonathan gets more time in nursery. He loves it!

They are praying that God will open another door for them to return to PNG in January. All travel options are extremely unpredictable so they cannot book any flights until closer to the time. In many ways having to wait and trust God to open another door feels like just as much a test of faith as getting ready to fly out in November. Please pray with them that God will open a new door. They are still waiting on equipment for PNG to arrive and have more shopping to do. They also have some outstanding vaccinations (lock down could make this tricky), paperwork that needs processing and some appointments to share in churches online.

Praise God for peaceful hearts and the chance to slow the pace after some break-neck weeks.

Pray for their hearts, that they will trust Him to provide for them and to be working while they wait and prepare.

Chris and Ingrid’s church is preparing to do an online Carol Service this year and they are so grateful that they can be a part of that as they are being regularly reminded of Isaiah’s prophecy about the coming Saviour: The people who walk in darkness will see a great light. For those who live in a land of deep darkness, a light will shine. We all need the light and hope that Jesus brings. Pray for wisdom and God’s favour upon the Carol Service preparations.