After many days of working, in late February Hugo and Mariana Morales who are national missionaries in Mexico, were able to spend their first night in the village! Over the past few weeks, they have had doubts, stress and anxiety because of all the things they needed to do before their move but in special and rare moments, they felt God’s “perfect peace”. He answered, He provided.

However, they are not done with house building yet… recently they have had several problems with the water, and have had to change the pipes.

In addition, Hugo is making some furniture that they need. As they have always lived in furnished houses, they did not have their own furniture. They are progressing little by little and are very thankful to God for everything He has given them to be able to have a home within the village.

Pray that their water problem can be fixed, and that Hugo can make all the furniture without any accidents.

They are so grateful to be able to settle in one place, (until God says otherwise) as since they married, six years ago, they have lived in 14 different houses.

Hugo and Mariana thank God that their team is complete. At the end of February, Hugo’s brother, Diego, and his family joined them. Once they are all settled they can begin the process of learning the Tseltal language and culture. Pray for the Lord to give them wisdom, patience, and perseverance as they study the language.

Hugo and Mariana Morales are thankful for encouragement and blessing through prayer.