The Lord is opening a way for Dennis and Valerie Easton to get back to the village in Ga’dang, Philippines this week. God has used this sixteen-week ‘pause’ in their lives to give them a rest that they desperately needed. Now they are rested and ready to go. They have been quarantined with the Major family in the mission guesthouse, and their kids have been so encouraged by having friends nearby for which they are very, very grateful to the Lord.

Thank the Lord that they heard from the mayor of the region, who has given them permission to return and quarantine at home instead of a government facility. Pray that the local officials will approve their request to travel in the helicopter.

After three months, the water in their collection tank was not too great. It was necessary to have someone drain some of it and clean it for them. Currently there is a problem with the water system in the village that needs to be fixed. However, the Lord answered prayer to fill up the tank in advance of their return!

Once in the village, they will be in their fourteen-day quarantine and will not be able to go out and help get the water line running. Pray for rain during this time. If it does not start raining, they will not have drinking water, which would delay their return.

The past three months have filled their kids’ joy buckets to the brim. They have had a wonderful time with the Major kids, and had speedy internet to connect regularly with other family and friends. The village can be a very lonely place for them. Pray that the Lord would help them through this transition.

Pray for God’s guidance in resuming Phase 1 teaching. There are many unknowns in how meeting safely in the village could look. Pray that those who had been attending would return after such a long break. Pray for Dennis and Valerie to implement these health protocols and pray that the Lord would have used this time of uncertainty to create a felt need for Him in the hearts of the Ga’dang.