Patience and endurance

For Sara and many others in Southeast Asia it is not easy to get used to all the big and small changes this unusual time brings. They are in the same boat, but the experiences are different. Since the local peole cannot go to work right now, they do not have the money to buy food for their families. The local church Sara attends, distributes bags of food to the families in the area around the church. It is a great opportunity to show God‘s love to the people! Pray that they open their hearts in this difficult time to their Creator who loves them so much!

It is now more difficult for Sara to practice the language. She is glad that she is still able to meet with her language helper, which is a great help. Adjusting to the new situation has not been easy. She has used this time to learn how to read and write the language. It is still a work in progress since it has 44 consonants, 28 vowels and a whole bunch of tone rules.

Sara would really appreciate prayer for her language studies. Pray for endurance, patience, opportunities to speak and the boldness to use what she has already learned.

Sara was able to join colleagues for a Bible dedication and it was a joy for her to see what God has done. In addition, to see the fruits of labour He gave to her colleagues! He reached the Prai with His good news and He gave growth. He gave His grace so that the translation could be finished. It was a long, hard path and they had to wait a long time to see fruit. Now there are around eight churches! God is able to plant even in this hardened soil! His patience and endurance continues! Pray for the people to hear about Jesus and have open hearts.

Pray for Sara. She can see her weakness and dependence on God so much in these times! He is using this time to teach her a lot.

Sara has witnessed her first baptism in Southeast Asia – four brothers and sisters from the local church were baptised. God is building His church and people from many different people groups in Southeast Asia are coming to know Him! When Sara is able to meet with the church again, it will be a linguistic challenge for her and she would appreciate prayer to build relationships. It will be great for her to understand enough to ask them about their lives and to hear their stories!

Sara took part in a kid’s club just before Corona showed up. The team were able to do an eight-week long programme together with CEF (Child Evangelism fellowship) and met with the children from a nearby village every Saturday morning. The number of kids who attended fluctuated, but they listened well and understood much of God‘s Good News! Pray for three boys who were listening, understanding really well, and it is believed that they came to know Jesus as their Saviour. They live in a non-Christian environment and do not yet have any contact with believers. Pray for them, that they might grow strong in the Lord!