Partners in the task

Paul and Marina Briggs have had long, hot, busy days, but they are so thankful that the cool nights in the Ivory Coast have stretched well into February.

They have been engaged in a variety of activities, all related to strengthening the believers and bringing the Gospel to those who need the Lord Jesus.

Marina continues to teach literacy classes, which usually start around 6.30 each morning, and go on throughout the day. Progress has been very encouraging, with quite a number of students completing important stages in the programme, and some who will soon finish the whole course.

The Loron translation team was recently given approval by a translation consultant to print the book of 1 Corinthians. They are excited about that. They have now begun working on 2 Corinthians and Galatians. The main Loron Bible translator is currently taking a computer course to help him work on Paratext, a very useful Bible translation programme.

Evangelism is taking place in three local villages, and believers are meeting every week in over twenty locations for worship, fellowship, prayer and Bible teaching. Paul and Marina thank the Lord for the outreach and witness of the Loron churches to their own community and to other people groups in the area.

Paul has had numerous opportunities to teach in different villages. Recently he spoke to a gathering of Loron church leaders in a village a few miles away. Also to around ninety believers at their local church. It is always encouraging for Paul and Marina to see the interest and enthusiasm among the Christians for Bible teaching.

With so much going on at the minute in the village, especially the cashew nut harvest, they have had to postpone the workshop on the book of Romans. However, that has given them the opportunity to spend more time on developing the course content, so when the workshop eventually does take place, they should have more materials ready, and be better prepared.

Please continue to pray for Paul, Marina, and the Loron people for health and safety as they work in an isolated area with limited medical resources.

They are so thankful for all the Loron co-workers that the Lord has given to work with them as partners in the task of literacy, translation, evangelism, Bible teaching and church development.

Paul and Marina thank you for your prayers for the ministry among the Loron people.