Parted for a season

Chris is in England and David is in New Zealand. This was not their number one plan but one they believe is the Lord’s plan for them at this time. After not being able to get clarification regarding applying for a visitor’s visa for David and the deteriorating health of his mum and her partner they made the decision that Chris should travel to the UK to fulfil their home assignment whilst David stayed in New Zealand to help his mum make the transition from her home to a more residential type of situation. This has not been an easy decision for either of them but they trust the Lord in it all that His plans are always perfect and good.
David and Chris still plan to return to Asia-Pacific in February 2015 (together!) and continue serving at the same hospital where they have served in the past. Their residency visa is once again going through the process of renewal. Pray for the hospital administrator who works extremely hard to help them to obtain their visas. Also pray for favour with all the officials who will be evaluating their paperwork as it passes through the various stages of the process and that their visa will be granted without any problems. Chris has been asked to undertake a Masters level study in order to meet the government requirements. This is a very daunting process, especially in light of how busy life is at the hospital. David and Chris have been praying through this issue they have felt the Lord leading in a particular direction that would impact the hospital in a positive way.
As well as helping his Mum, David has been able to get into some language study in order to try and ensure his language ability doesn’t fall too low during their time away. He’s also really enjoyed being able to have fellowship with and get to know people at Hastings Baptist Church a bit more. In addition to this, recently he was able to help Trevor and Judy Clarke represent NTM at a local youth weekend camp. This was a really great opportunity not only to get to know Trevor and Judy a bit better but also to share with young people the need for missions in our world today. Pray for any young people who heard God challenging them into overseas missions during the weekend – that they will have the courage to trust the Lord and step out.
Chris has been enjoying the wonderful hospitality of their friend Hilary in Hull. She is very grateful to have a stable base in the UK to plan, work and refresh from. She’s also enjoyed reconnecting with friends again both in Hull and outside Hull.
Continue to pray David and Chris’ colleagues at the hospital in Asia-Pacific. Pray especially for the lady who is continuing to supervise the wound care team. Pray for the many patients that come to the hospital that as well as physical healing there will be those who gain spiritual healing through Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.
Continue to pray for a former patient that has been home for a few weeks now. One of the doctors from the hospital was able to make a trip out to visit him in his village. Physically his wounds are continuing to heal and are infection free. Spiritually he has faced a few challenges but he remains keen to learn more and reads his Bible and prays but what he really needs is someone who can disciple him on a regular basis. Pray that the Lord will bring a young, mature Christian who can come alongside him and really encourage him in his new Christian life.
Pray for David and Chris as they spend this time apart; that they will continue to focus daily on the Lord in all they do. Pray for the door to remain open for them to serve in Asia-Pacific.

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