Olga Ergart completed her missionary training at North Cotes College in July and has returned to Germany and is settling in step by step. Her main responsibility in the church there is to disciple young girls and work with the teens. It is an area of great need. Pray that these youngsters would be open and ready to do Bible study with her and for Olga to be able to get through to them and build relationships even if it is only for a short time. Her desire is to encourage them and teach them to continue to disciple others.
Olga has been officially accepted by NTM Paraguay to join them and can move on with the preparations to serve there. At the moment there is a lot of documentation work to do.
Olga has already had some opportunities to share about her future plans with individuals and already has some appointments to share in meetings. Pray that she can challenge the people to pray for the unreached and be involved in missions. Pray for Olga as she is not as comfortable speaking in front of people; she prefers to share with individuals rather than to stand in front of a group. However, it is more important that God is glorified and His name exalted.

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