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Easter weekend

A special aspect of this year’s conference was that it was held in a new location. Even though the village was a bit difficult to find, and Ragnar and Elizabeth […]

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Special times

This was Jim’s fifth trip there so he enjoyed renewing friendships with a number of his family’s friends, both national and those from the west.This September Jim is planning on […]

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Survey Update

By God’s many special graces they were able to make the entire 48km trek, ascend over 10,300ft, descend over 9,600ft, crossing rivers and landslides with no more pain (for the […]

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Their daughter Karis has also been unwell so they had to travel to see a doctor. She was diagnosed with walking pneumonia and given the appropriate antibiotic. She has responded […]

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The team will do some renovation work on the NTM mission centre. Villages that speak Nakanai surround the centre and they will have exposure to that work. They will also […]

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