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A waiting game

Recently though Steve and Gerdine have been to several churches to present what has been going on in PNG. They have been encouraged to see people interested and actively supporting […]

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Building relationships

One of the great things Andrew enjoys about serving the Lord at a Christian school is that he gets to work with some of the people. He wants to build […]

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A few days after arriving in PNG, Philip went on a survey with a few other people, including believers from the neighbouring people group. They went in with a helicopter […]

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This eventually turned out to be much more than was anticipated, with Lourens being centre manager, business office manager, regional coordinator, regional church planting consultant, church planting liaison assistant and […]

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Eternity to eternity

They started off in Cairo, Egypt and spent several days enjoying the historical sites. From there they travelled to Singapore and met up with their good friends and Mozambique co-workers, […]

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