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No easy task

Steve and Gerdine Stanley with Oscar, Alice and Millie were able to visit the Netherlands for ten days, the first time they have been there for three years! They had […]

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Much travel ahead

After a long but relatively smooth journey, Poul Joensen is now in Papua New Guinea! Now at the mission headquarters after spending two days in a hotel in the capital, […]

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All go!

More than two years have passed since Peter and Rachel Bittle and family departed for the other side of the world, and now they are beginning to make some plans […]

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While many are facing new lockdowns in some places and easier travel in others, the Lord continues to work and move Lisa Kappeler around. Her desk stays full and her […]

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If all goes to plan in about a months’ time, Ben and Tabea will be moving to another area in Asia-Pacific. They are very excited about this prospect. A month […]

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A couple weeks ago Ragnar and Elizabeth Niclasen, who are currently on home assignment in Canada, received word that their Filipino co-worker’s wife, had a stroke, and had no movement […]

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