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Looking to God

Andrew and Joanna McCready’s daughter Chloe was born earlier this month. Despite restrictions, they had a wonderful experience in the hospital and Andrew was able to be with Joanna for […]

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Big adjustments

Donovan and Charla Epp and family thank the Lord for His protection in their travels back to Canada and their self-isolation time. The last couple of weeks in the Philippines […]

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Life in general

Before the UK went into lockdown, Paul and Naomi Born, whose roles are primarily volunteer and associate co-ordinators at North Cotes, were self-isolating for two weeks as a family. During […]

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Cooped up but blessed

Jonathan and Heidi Bamford are ‘cooped up’ in home quarantine in the Philippines, but not feeling it.  As a kindness, people are taking turns ‘rattling their cage’. Recently one of […]

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