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Great joy

This was the village of a lady that about a year ago visited a sick family member in the village where Francois and Nadia live. She went home with a […]

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At the end of this month fourteen students will finish their four-year training. Some of them plan to go back to their home churches to help there, some are taking […]

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Summers coming

Spring comes in just glimpses there, and it was very late this year. After all these years though Robert and Rosemarie know that usually by the third week of May […]

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Trip to the USA

Simon has recently had a couple of opportunities to report on their work in PNG at other churches.They have a lot to do in the coming week; they need to […]

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Axel and Sandi had a blessed time in Germany with their families and church friends. Some of the highlights were Christmas time for sure, the birth of their daughter Lilly […]

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NTM Aviation “…serves missionaries who live in places so remote that it’s nearly impossible for any kind of vehicle to get there,” say the leaders of New Tribes Mission PNG. […]

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