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What is missions?

On Saturday they gave three presentations. One about “What is missions?” another about the needs in Bolivia and the last one about the training centre. Four churches attended the meetings […]

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Empty nothing

The Kendawangan people are a people group that is located in Asia-Pacific. The people refer to their language as the Puang language which means “empty, nothing“. There are estimated 15,000 […]

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Intense prayer

Elise asks for intense prayer for the Palawanos. In the areas where the missionaries work it seems the enemy is doing his best to intimidate both the Bible teachers and […]

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Continuing to adjust

Jonathan and Rachel’s jobs on campus are going ahead okay and they continue to adjust to life in England! After living in the desert for so long, they really do […]

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God never fails

In about a week from now, their journey for home assignment in South Africa starts. Praying for them to have wisdom over the choice of school for Madeleen; two schools […]

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Significant changes

Recently all the family were sick, and Ingeborg had to stay in hospital for one night. So there have been some challenges.Even while going through significant changes, they know that […]

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