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Roller coaster

At times Olga would start to concentrate on things that don´t really matter instead of concentrating on the essential, which is Jesus Christ our Saviour, the promised One, who died […]

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Karin was immensely blessed by the commissioning service at her church on March 1st. Thank you for your prayers!Pray for Karin today as she says her goodbyes and for a […]

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Teaching again

Elise says “It’s just great to see the enthusiasm of these young folk, all seeking where God would have them serve Him in telling people about Christ who haven’t heard […]

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Greetings from Brazil

A one hour flight from Dublin to London was followed by an over-night stay in Heathrow airport. The next morning they flew from Heathrow to Miami. Unfortunately in Miami, the Customs […]

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Christ is building HIS church

One of the young believers away at high school returned home to the village for Christmas and her mum said she has grown spiritually and is going ‘deep’. Both the […]

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Returning soon

A few weeks ago some of Ineke’s colleagues who do Bible translation in a tribe on the same island in PNG visited her in the Netherlands. She was able to […]

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