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Plans delayed

Hanna is very thankful that she has the financial support she needs for the next five years. She is thankful too for the friendship she is building with a lady […]

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Church in the mountains

Paul has recently been teaching from Acts 14. They along with the believers are impressed with how the apostle Paul keeps going and he is a great example to them. […]

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Alessandro and Chantal Parrillo’s trip back to the Konyagi village went well and they found their house in pretty good condition. Cleaning was a challenge as the Harmattan wind brought […]

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Wrapping up

Tanya Errington recently spent three and a half weeks in South America to ‘wrap things up’! She enjoyed being immersed in Spanish again, had a wonderful time and really saw […]

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Lives changed

Most have grown stronger in their faith. Unfortunately, those who attended the outreach in the next village don’t seem to have grasped the truth of the Gospel and are just […]

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Mile marker

Char’s first session was about treating burns! She worked through what are the first things to do when you have a burn, why burns are so dangerous, what happens to […]

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