Philip and Natalie Hansen with Louis and Timon have been living in Kovol now for over a week. One thing is sure: the Kovol people are extremely generous and have been overwhelming them with food. They share it with them, and then they get even more. In addition, the people love to cook with them. As soon as some hear them getting up, they start walking around the houses to spend time with the team. They are just waiting for them to go outside. Louis loves their food and he is also starting to enjoy spending time with the local children. The people are giving them a lot of space and respect. Philip and Natalie feel so welcomed and loved. However, it also feels awkward when they are brought food and but are unable to converse.

On the other hand, they are overwhelmed with the work that needs to be done in their house. They keep having water leaks – thankfully they are fixed now, they have lots of mold and Natalie does not have any clean, comfortable or private space in the house. Philip is working hard daily on projects, except for the time visiting with the people. The challenge is to balance their time.

When Philip and Natalie think that one day these people might be their brothers and sisters in Christ, they get excited. When they say: “We are in the darkness and we want the light that you have”, or “we want to hear the truth” or “you have something so much better to tell us, this food that we bring is nothing compared to that”, Philip and Natalie want to share the best thing in the world with them – the Gospel message. It is incomparable.

They know it is going to be a long overwhelming road for the team, but they have God’s strength and His power that they can count on. They are excited to see what God is going to do among the Kovol people. It is tiring and hard work with two little ones and living without so many of their normal comforts but it is worth it because He is worthy.