Overcoming challenges

Because of Chantal’s health problems, Alessandro and Chantal with Samuel returned to Canada in May. They quickly realised that they were rather burned out and it has taken them many months to come to the point of regaining their strength and starting to be excited about returning to West Africa.
On October 4th, Alessandro and Chantal’s daughter Jolissa was born. They thank God for an easy delivery and adjustment period! She is a precious gift!
Currently Alessandro and Chantal are busy with a multitude of appointments and preparations for their return to West Africa. They plan to go to Italy for 3 months, from March to May, to visit family and their ministry partners. They would then continue on to Senegal in early June. Pray for their travels and visits. Alessandro and Chantal have found it rather intimidating to contemplate their return to West Africa. The plan is for them to move to a new location, a Konyagi village in northern Guinea where the rest of the missionary team is located. Any move is a great endeavour, but it is made all the more difficult when you don’t have a house to move into! They’re still in need of land, paperwork and the actual building of a house. Each step is a challenge in itself. Recently however, the mission leadership and the Konyagi missionary team has offered to assist them in getting all of this going before their arrival. This has been a great encouragement to Alessandro and Chantal.
Pray for the building project, for their move into the village and for the finances to make it happen. They are eager to see how God will overcome these challenges!

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