Over three decades of waiting

Last Sunday, it was such a blessing for Jim and Judy to hear and watch two of the Dom believers stand up and read from their Dom New Testaments, sharing verses from their own devotions. Jim and Judy have been waiting for this day for over three decades. Praise God.

Judy has started literacy classes again and so far there is good attendance including several new Christians from two outreach areas. One of these Gospel outreaches is nearly two hours walk away from over the mountain. Yet some of these new Christians are willing to attend every day to learn how to read God’s Word in their own language. Jim and Judy are hoping and praying that many more will start attending the literacy classes, both believer and non-believer. All this keeps Judy very busy with printing that has to be done and prep work for each class. Pray that the 19 students will continue and not give up.

Jim is going through all the Bible lessons revising and improving them. He and a Dom brother in Christ have been going out showing the Dom New Testament to people in the surrounding villages, encouraging them to attend the literacy classes and learn to read. As would be expected some show interest and others do not. However Jim and Judy are trusting the Lord to use His Word and Spirit to bring about great things in the Dom. In the near future they plan to hold weekday Bible studies again for both men and women. Jim and Judy are also hoping and praying for more invitations to go and teach in people’s homes. They can’t do this without being invited so please pray with them.
Jim and Judy’s co-workers, Gerolf and Mailis Wuest, are currently on home assignment and are greatly missed. Jim and Judy are eagerly looking forward to their return next year.
The six month drought this year that dried up gardens caused a serious food shortage not only for the Dom people but across much of the country. Even though the rains have come again and people are planting new gardens it will be several months before they are ready to harvest. In the meantime the people are struggling to eat. Jim and Judy are thankful to everyone who has generously contributed to their food relief efforts. Last week, despite their pickup truck giving them problems, they were able to haul in one ton of rice and distribute it to their local Dom people both believers, non-believers and those of other religious denominations. It took two trips to the closest town to bring it all in. Jim and Judy are hoping, God willing, to get the mechanical issues with their truck resolved so that they can continue to provide food relief as long as He provides means to do so through His people. Additionally their own supplies including fuel are beginning to run low so repairing the truck is essential for all concerned. Please pray with Jim and Judy in this regard.
Being away from family makes the holidays especially hard for Jim and Judy so please pray for them at this Christmas time.

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