Outreach update

Another village that has been on the Dom believers and missionaries’ hearts for a long time is a small one about 30-40 minutes’ walk away. After the Dom New Testament dedication missionary Jim Burdett would like to start visiting the people and eventually, God willing, be invited to start teaching the Gospel there. Please pray with them regarding this.

There has been slow but steady interest in the Dom New Testament. After the initial distribution of the Dom New Testament to the literate Christian brothers and sisters, wider interest outside the church community has been slow but steady. Just recently a young fellow about ten years asked for his own copy. He’s not the only young person to do so. Jim and Judy count it a joy and privilege to see this happen; the next generation of Dom people growing up with the Word of God in their own mother tongue, reading it and growing thereby.

Bible dedication plans are underway for August 26th and the missionary team is expecting a large turnout of local Dom people for the ceremony plus overseas visitors. Pray for their native church leadership as they undertake all the hard work and organising involved. Pray for unity of hearts and minds.

The missionary team has been plagued by sickness of late especially Judy and co-worker Gerolf were hit hardest. None of them have fully recovered yet. Pray with them in this regard. Gerolf and Mailis and family are on a break so pray that they have a refreshing time and can return ready to get back into culture and language study.

Next month marks 36 years of marriage and companionship in the ministry for Jim and Judy. The Lord has brought them through some very hard circumstances and they love each other more than ever.

Thanks for being part of the Dom team.

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