Outreach begins

On Sundays Paul has started teaching in 1 Corinthians. They have lovely times of fellowship and often there is much joy and delight in the Word of God. Paul and Susan are currently having the Sunday meetings in their house. They clear out most of the furniture from the main room. Not a huge space (15ft x 12ft), and although they had about 55 (majority children and teens) recently there is still room for more!! One day the believers may be motivated to build a meeting house.
Sickness has slowed the work of translation. 1 Thessalonians requires two more comprehension checks and then the back to English version can be written. 2 Thessalonians is now almost complete. Soon Susan and her helper will move on to chapter 5 of 1 Corinthians and continue there. They aim to do as much of the chapters and verses that Paul requires for teaching before Susan makes a short visit to England later in the month.
Last week Paul and two Gende believers started doing the 30+ minute hike down the mountain to another Gende village. They are teaching together on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4.30pm PNG time, and Paul has at least one session a week with the two believers who are helping giving training and tips. Last week numbers fluctuated between 8-16 adults and lots of children.
The outreach is proving to be a great way to teach and disciple too as Paul and Susan have been working through the book of Acts with the youth on Fridays. And their prayers have reflected what they are learning as they ask the Lord to help them be like the early believers and do what God requires, not what man says, and to not be afraid of sharing the good news. Last week most of the youth accompanied the men on at least one day even after walking the one hour journey back from community school. Nobody told them to go; they asked if they could go!!
One young man is almost to the end of the creation to Christ teaching with Paul. He has already declared he is trusting in Christ. Such young men are desperately needed to be and to remain faithful and help in the work.
Another Gende village is still on Paul and Susan’s hearts and they need wisdom to know how to meet that need.
Paul and Susan seem to have had more days of sickness than before from boils to coughs to tummy upsets. There is much going around among the people too and there are no other health workers in the area, so some are travelling even a day’s walk to ask Paul and Susan for their help. They had scaled down their supply of medicines and it is impossible to treat everyone. Paul and Susan can now only help those in an emergency or a serious condition. The people expect that if they ask for something it will be given to them and this puts Paul and Susan in a dilemma.
It is heart breaking for Paul and Susan to see the various groups that have moved into the area teaching many things other than the Gospel. Sadly many Gende believe what they are teaching, but the believers know to checkout what God says. Paul warned Timothy in 2 Tim 4:3-4 of this and we read stories of this all over the world. But the exhortation to us all speaks loud and clear in the same chapter in verses 2 and 5.

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