Piapocos along the river systems in Colombia are hearing of believers being trained and discipled, and how Piapoco women are also teaching God’s Word to other ladies. Requests have come from three different villages to hear the Gospel teaching, and one message especially from one of those villages to send ladies to teach their women.

The Piapocos had a special meeting after church, to discuss plans for these outreaches. The believers were enthusiastic, and various ones volunteered to travel to the villages to teach the people. Teams were formed, and plans were made to begin the trips in May and June.

It is such a blessing for Wayne and Patsy Gibson to see the Piapoco church involved in this ministry, wanting to pray, help financially, and volunteer their time and help in seeing other Piapocos know the True and Living Lord Jesus. This is what they have been waiting for the Lord to do, that the Piapoco church would see their responsibility in reaching their own people.

Thank you for praying for the Piapoco Church, for these outreaches, and that is not all…

In the Ladies Bible study, Patsy asked if any would like to take the teacher training course, in order to teach others the evangelism lessons. She was surprised to see eight ladies interested in taking the course. After Wayne’s Bible study, he asked the guys if they would like to co-ordinate the class for training the ladies. They were also encouraged to get the class going, working with the present women teachers to train the other ladies. Wayne has already printed out the necessary materials, so classes started on Wednesday. A Piapoco man, who wants to join in on the outreaches, will also be taking the class.

Ministry is expanding. While some of the Piapoco ladies will be making trips to other villages to teach,  Wayne and Patsy see the need for more Piapoco women to get on board in the children’s and women’s ministries. The Lord is answering.