There is excitement in the churches of the Mibu and the Mina language as they prepare for a new outreach to the last remaining village in the Mina speaking area! Over the last year, the people in this village have been asking for the Gospel message to be brought to them. It’s taken a while to get some things in order, such as the all the evangelism lessons printed in a new format, a new set of literacy materials printed etc. But now, with those details worked out the date is set for God’s Word to go to this village for the first time! Pray for the team that is going to do the teaching, and also for God to prepare the hearts of the village people to be ready to hear and believe His message of redemption. The date is set for the teaching to start on November 30th.
Also pray for additional workers who can be allocated to the neighbouring Jerung language group who were formerly opposed, even violently, to the Gospel message. Over the last couple of years there has been a complete turnaround due to the testimony that the church in Mibu has been! Most of the villages are now asking for the Gospel message to come to them! All that’s missing is the needed skills and manpower to translate the Bible into their language, develop a literacy programme, and teach them the Gospel.
Starting on October 15th many hours of hard translation work is going to be put through the final check. Translation consultant, Jason Stuart, along with four Mibu people and Geoff will be checking through the books of Ephesians and 1 Corinthians. This is the final check before these epistles can be officially printed as Scripture! Please pray for all the preparations leading up to the check, and for the check itself, as well as the final corrections and modifications needed as a result of the check.

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