Orientation ending

The best part of the orientation for them was being involved with the Patpatar church. What encouraged them the most was how deeply the people cherish and wish to study God’s Word. They met people that attended literacy classes for the sole purpose of improving reading so they can read the Bible more freely. Pray for the Patpatar church, they are a small group at the moment and suffer persecution from other groups. Despite this, they remain steadfast under the troubles and long to grow in their faith and reach out to others. Even though they are a small group, there are Bible study meetings in different hamlets most nights of the week.

At Hoskins support base Steve and Gerdine will be meeting with a couple to consider working together. Whilst they are doing that, they have been asked if they can help on the base until August 20th; they will be helping to keep the tribal support team functioning over the summer.

Steve and Gerdine are considering which area to work in. They are waiting for the Lord to make their path clear. Please pray for guidance.

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