Chris and Ingrid Hughes with Jonathan and Lydia made it to Norway! Praise God for opening the door.

Thank you so much for praying that they would find tickets. They arrived in Norway three weeks ago. They did have to self-isolate for the first week as Ingrid came down with a cold (thankfully, her Covid-19 test was negative) but even so, the timing of their trip was perfect. Unfortunately, their return flights have been cancelled because of Covid-19, but they are hoping to find alternative flights in September.

In the meantime, they are enjoying being together with Ingrid’s family. Jonathan and Lydia love Norwegian life and really enjoy spending time with their grandparents. It has also been good for them to be back in their church. Now that they have decided to live in the UK when not in Papua New Guinea, they are sorting through their Norwegian belongings deciding what to sell, keep and give away. They also want to catch up with as many friends as possible before returning to the UK.

Pray for PNG, for its government and its people as they respond to the changing situation with regard to Covid-19. Chris and Ingrid were hoping to get back to PNG in October but that is probably optimistic now. Now, a return to PNG is technically possible, but it takes time to get special permission to enter the country. It is also difficult to get flights and cancellations are common. They plan to look into their options properly once they return to the UK but it is on their minds a lot these days. Another factor is that they need to rent out their house and do some purchasing of equipment before leaving. So pray for wisdom and trust that the Lord will guide in His timing.

Pray for the missionaries still in PNG. A large number of missionaries returned to their home countries earlier this year so those who are still there have a lot more work to do.

Chris and Ingrid are so grateful for your prayers.