In Geoff Husa’s last update, he praised the Lord for moving in the heart of someone who was strongly opposed to the Gospel in one of the locations where the Mibu church is doing an outreach. It still amazes him!

The other group he wrote about were still opposed to the Gospel and causing trouble for the church. That opposition continues to grow.

Rumours are being spread, and now in one of the other outreach villages, about a day’s hike away, where there has been a maturing church for a few years now, some opposition leaders severely beat one of the Bible teachers and his wife. Thankfully, they are both recovering from their injuries, although the wife may be left with a permanent issue in her hip as a result. The growing opposition is threatening to burn the teachers’ homes and belongings with gas. They are actively going around trying to dissuade anyone else from paying attention to the Gospel teaching.

The church there sent word via one of their teachers, and are asking for help from the church in Mibu and from the missionary team. They have prayed together that God would protect the church there, and that He would do what only He can do, change the heart of man. Meanwhile they are contemplating some possible actions to try to keep the peace and not have the spread of the Gospel hindered as the opposition intends to do.

Would you please join with them in prayer over the coming weeks for this issue; for protection for the believers there who are being persecuted, but also that God would change the minds of those who are so violently opposed to His Word.