Opposite sides of the globe

Due to visa issues, David and Chris Price find themselves doing their home assignment on opposite sides of the globe. David is currently in New Zealand and Chris is in the UK. They hope that Chris will be able to meet up with David in New Zealand in October.

David and Chris are grateful for the great support and encouragement that has been shown to them by the body of Christ on both sides of the planet. It has strengthened them greatly to know that there are those who are faithfully lifting up their situation in prayer.

Chris has many meetings planned throughout her time in the UK and she has already spent time at North Cotes interacting with the students.

David is exploring some practical aspects that need to be considered for when the time comes to eventually reside in New Zealand. These include tax and possible employment options etc. Although it seems pretty overwhelming, they are wanting to be as prepared as possible.


  • That David had safe travel to NZ and Chris to the UK.
  • That despite many obstacles, their Indonesian visa was granted on time, which meant they did not incur an over, stayer’s fine and were able to leave for home assignment on schedule. God is faithful.
  • That the body of Christ is such an encouragement.
  • That David and Chris have opportunities to share about their work.


  • For David to get all the right information that he needs in NZ.
  • For Chris to know the Lord’s enabling as she sorts through their stored possessions in the UK. Hopefully she will be able to prepare anything that needs shipping to NZ by mid-July.
  • For Chris as she undertakes various opportunities to share about their ministry in Asia-Pacific – that she will have wisdom and the right words in each situation.
  • For grace during this time of separation, and that David and Chris will draw closer to the Lord through this time.