Opportunity in Amdu

Benjamin and Missy Hatton are excited about the new ‘Creation to Christ’ teaching among the Amdu people of Papua New Guinea.

Since the Creation to Christ lesson were first taught way back in 2020, they have enjoyed the wonderful journey of new birth, growth and delight in Jesus Christ that has become the reality for some of their dear friends in Amdu. It has always weighed heavy on their hearts, however, that more of their friends did not listen to the life-changing story. Therefore, they have been looking and praying for another opportunity to teach, from Creation to Christ, to those who did not hear the first time.

Benjamin and Missy are so happy to report that it looks like the opportunity they have been praying for has arrived.

The reason the missionary team went to Amdu was that despite the fact that ‘church’ buildings had long since been built there, what was happening week in and week out was lifeless. Over the past few weeks, they have seen the

“Sunday Group,” as they call them, become tender towards the message they have brought, especially as some significant members of their group are now believers and regularly share the joy and confidence they have in Christ with them.

Recently, because of the testimony of the believers, the “Sunday Group” approached Benjamin and asked if he would participate in their Easter service this year. They agreed and asked if Benjamin could be allowed to teach on every Sunday between now and April 17th so that the Easter message could really be understood. To their delight, The “Sunday Group” agreed. Benjamin and Missy are excited for this opportunity to teach from Creation to Christ again in Amdu.

Benjamin and Missy’s ability to communicate in the Amdu language has increased greatly over the last two years.

Pray for their communication, so that the heart of the message can truly hit the mark deep in Amdu hearts!

They are going to be teaching both morning and evening every Sunday. Pray that the people, who come out of habit on Sunday morning and then typically skip the evening service, will go against their habit and listen to all the teaching. Pray that the Amdu believers will take their responsibility seriously and do their best to pull their relatives to every service so they can hear the whole story.

Pray that this experience will really catapult the believers forward in their walks with God. As the believers help teach, pray that this will make them careful, enthusiastic Amdu evangelists. Pray also that God might use this to bond the believers together as a unique body depending on God’s Spirit in them. Most of all, pray with Benjamin and Missy that many more of their Amdu friends hear the story, catch the meaning, and believe.

In January, Benjamin and Missy took their daughter Gianna to the main mission centre to settle her for attending the school for missionary kids. She has been having a very good time. Pray for her as she makes many adjustments. One thing they are especially glad for is the family environment that Gianna gets to live in. They will see Gianna and their son Judah who is helping at the centre, again in March and then after Gianna graduates in May, they will return to

America for their home assignment.

Thank you for praying for Benjamin and Missy as they focus their hearts on the amazing privilege of making disciples of Jesus Christ in Amdu.