Robert and Nicole Westerveld look forward to their upcoming time in Papua New Guinea. Lord willing they will arrive there in June. Their visa applications are being processed and they hope to receive them in the coming weeks. Robert hopes to complete more translation before they leave. He is making good progress on the translation of Joshua. In addition, the recording of Exodus is going well. They hope to have new books printed with all the books of the Old Testament that they have translated and take them to PNG for the Iwalaqamalje believers.

They are very glad that they can now be in regular contact with the believers in the different locations of the tribe. Last week Robert was able to check some of the translation of the New Testament with one of the Yagwoia believers. About a quarter of the New Testament has now been adapted for the Iqwaye dialect. Being more in contact with the believers also helps them to know how they can pray for them.

Robert and Nicole are also glad for the opportunities they have to share about the work in Papua New Guinea in churches and in people’s homes in the Netherlands. They have already had some very good meetings and in the coming weeks they will be on the road again to visit churches and friends during the weekends.

Since their return to the Netherlands in 2012, Robert has been translating the whole Bible teaching programme that is used on the field into Dutch so that it can be used there as well. Now there are 24 booklets with Bible study material on most of the books of the Bible. Today’s western society also needs Bible teaching based on a good foundation

Their children are doing well. Next month, Elianne will be part of an outreach team for ten days in a country where there are not many Christians. Pray that they will be able to reach many people with the Gospel. Since December, Amos has become engaged to Emmy (her parents also served the Lord overseas for many years) and they plan to get married in August. Jorim is doing well in his education programme and has found a part-time job at the airport in Amsterdam.

Thank you for your prayers.