Simon and Annika have been blown away by the body of Christ and the thousands of people that have gone through the experience of resolving Karis’ medical needs with them. It has been a long year and not one they would have ever asked for, but they are thankful for their little girl and all the Lord has brought her through and taught them through it all!
After the heart surgery, Karis was discharged home with her right lung still mostly deflated. It was obvious just by listening to her that this was the case as she was grunting a lot and seemed to be working a lot harder to breathe. Thankfully, as the days went by, Simon and Annika have seen a huge change. Karis has bounced back; she is running around the house on her baby zimmer, (almost walking) giving her brother a hard time and is serious about her food.
At the point of discharge from the hospital, they were told that the operation has been a complete success and that Karis should not require any further surgery. Karis has been cleared of all major complications post op; these usually present themselves very early after the operation; they are so thankful to God. Please take a moment to thank Him for answered prayers!
Keep praying that Karis would grow and develop well. The likelihood of complications occurring diminishes greatly after six months. Praise God she is off all medication and thriving at home.
Simon returned to work after their few weeks in the hospital; He is volunteering three days a week at their church in Edinburgh, meeting many for one on one discipleship and looking after the building maintenance. He continues to work as a rep for NTM and they are open for taking meetings throughout the UK and further afield. They are also continuing to develop partners for their church planting ministry with the Mengen people. Right now, Simon and Annika are talking through their return with the NTM PNG leadership team and the doctors there. Pray that God would bring them all to unity on a decision for the way forward.

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