Open the windows

As Phil and Elin Henderson come to the end of their time for this year among the Mwinika and the start of their busy global consultant/travel time, they find themselves depleted of strength and resources. They are asking the LORD to open the windows of heaven and pour down what they need to finish well and to give the DELIVERING faith they need to see it happen.

For the first time in several years, they were able to complete another translation check. The consultant spent over a week checking through: Ruth, 1 & 2 Thessalonians, portions of Daniel and Philemon. Phil continues to work to finish several of the “mostly completed” books such as Mark and Acts as well as new Scripture like 1, 2 &3 John. They are always looking for ways to better equip the translation team including ongoing computer-literacy courses and translation courses.

One of the things God laid on Phil and Elin’s hearts this year was equipping. As with the translation team, Elin felt the need to further equip the literacy team that she works with; this includes the more experienced, leaders in literacy as well as the newer teachers. Together with an experienced group of three men, they developed a literacy teacher workshop. This was a one-day training event for all of the current and potential teachers. They spent the day teaching through four areas of theory including, why teach literacy, why use the syllable method, why are they volunteers, and what does it mean to be literate?

They had to start from scratch. However, this proved to be an amazing time of discipleship and learning. Erin was amazed to see the guys passionately take on this teaching challenge. They worked together to create a curriculum and developed four practicums to place in between the theory presentations. These included a review of the pre-literacy games and programme, card and teaching skills, and writing skills. Also a skills fair with eight stations that the participants had to complete in order to receive a certificate. The participants LOVED this time. They have decided to repeat it again next year but to possibly expand it to two days.

Along with several ladies, Erin helped develop a new twelve-week Bible study for the women on the book of Ruth combined with the ‘Fruit of the Spirit’. To better equip the Bible teachers, Erin held an afternoon-long women’s conference. It was a great time of learning, encouragement and fellowship. The ladies are excited to begin studies in their various communities. They plan to expand this to include more women next year.

Slowly but surely, their Mwinika house is moving forward. The walls are up, the window grates are in and they are beginning to tackle the roof. Next year they will continue to work on getting it ready for a move-in date. It looks like they will be a little longer in their old bush house, which, Lord willing, will continue to hold up!

Erin is now back in the USA. She returned early due to visa restraints, wedding plans and health checks. She has been enjoying being back with the kids. Callie and Eli busy with wedding preparations. Elias started his junior year at College of the Ozarks, studying criminal justice. Elin is also enjoying reuniting with local friends and meeting with the new students at the missionary training centre.

Phil is still in Mozambique for another week then travels up to Tanzania for a pastors’ seminar he is helping to teach and lead. Upon his return, Phil, will have a few days off and then jumps into ministry, including; getting ready for an ‘Eternity to Eternity’ planning workshop and participating in leadership meetings.

Pray for:

• The outreaches, which will soon be starting up again among the Mwinika – that many will come and hear the truth and that many will believe

• Phil as he wraps things up in the village and for a good time of meetings in Tanzania

• Continued progress on the house.

• Elias as he begins a new year at College of the Ozarks

• Callie and Eli as they plan their new life together

• The literacy programme to continue to expand and be effective

• The ladies’ Bible study groups as they begin their study of Ruth (for the teachers to be faithful in teaching and that the women will grow in their knowledge of the Lord.)

• The believers’ groups as they continue to study the Word and grasp new truths.

• The believers who continue to struggle to let go of the old and grasp the new with both hands. The Holy Spirit is at work convicting hearts but for some these next steps are scary and intimidating.

• Safety in travel for Phil.

• Elin’s six-month cancer check coming up, that she will get a clean bill of health.

Thank you for asking the LORD to open the windows of heaven and meet their needs and for being part of what God is doing among the Mwinika people and beyond.