Open hearts

For Anna Ciociola who serves in West Africa, this month has been characterised by the rainy season, which goes on until October, and this year has been raining a lot! In addition, there have been two thefts. The first was a robbery on the street; Anna was walking with a colleague whose bag was stolen by two men approaching them on a moto. Secondly, a believer’s motorcycle that was parked just outside the church was stolen! He lives far away and that was his only means of transport. Pray for this dear brother and his family.

Prayer requests:

Pray for protection for all the missionaries.

There will be a night of prayer in Anna’s church (11pm until 6am). Pray that many will spend more time in prayer.

In October the school will start, so there will be a basket in front of the pulpit every Sunday of this month, where notebooks and basic stationery for the children of the church can be donated, along with gifts in cash to help to pay for school fees. Pray for God to provide abundantly.

Anna’s health is ok, but she had been having some problems with her stomach. But soon after she sent out her Italian newsletter she was healed! God is amazing and prayer is powerful!

Pray for Anna’s colleagues in the different villages and for the peoples who are hearing the Gospel in their own language, that they will have open hearts.

Pray for missionaries learning the local language (and the culture); sometimes it is difficult to find local people who are available to teach the language.