Open doors

The Lord commanded the weather for the entire trip as a new helicopter was flown to Tuguegarao in the Philippines without any real delay.

A high mountain pass, the only way through, is almost always fogged in (often for the whole day) during this time of year. That pass could have prevented the helicopter from going any further for days. They only had a narrow window of time between the fog lifting and when the daily afternoon rains would start. Prayer was made and by mid-morning, the pass was open. Then there was rain in Tuguegarao. One hour of flying later, the helicopter made it through the pass! Within half an hour, blue skies replaced the rain in Tuguegarao.

Amazingly, the Lord left the doors closed, just long enough for Brian the pilot, and his family waiting for him in Tuguegarao, to see them OPEN and give Him glory. They are so excited and blessed to receive the new tool the Lord has provided and Brian arrived safely. This new helicopter has all of its paperwork done and all its maintenance up-to-date. It is ready to serve! The timing is perfect as the other helicopter is currently unable to fly.