Open doors

As Paul and Marina Briggs have lived and ministered among the Loron people in Ivory Coast, all the teaching and preaching; all the personal contact they have had with individuals and small groups; all the effort they put into community development, all of the energy spent on teaching literacy, doing Bible translation and pursuing Bible lesson development; all the time they spent on recording lessons for mobile phones and mp3 players, all of the visits they made to isolated groups of believers, all that they do is to bring people to maturity in the faith and to see a strong, fully functioning church established among the Loron people that will bring honour and glory to the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Paul and Marina thank the Lord for the quality time that they have recently been able to spend with the Loron believers. After several years of quite extensive travelling, and spending only short periods of time in the village, they feel like they have again become a regular part of the community, and people are not expecting Paul and Marina to be leaving them at any moment for another long trip.
Being in the village has given Paul and Marina opportunities to re-establish old relationships that have suffered in recent years because of their regular absences. It has also helped open doors to develop new ones, not only with the Loron people, but also with other folks in their village who have been, historically, very opposed to Christianity and the Gospel.
Paul and Marina thank God for the many Loron people He has raised up who are now ministering in evangelism, Bible teaching, pastoring, teaching literacy, and outreach among children. Many are also engaged with the wider community through education, health care, economic growth and numerous local development issues. They praise the Lord for the tremendously positive ways in which the presence of the Gospel and God’s grace has affected the lives of so many people.

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