A primary goal of Dubby’s trip was to try to set up a website on which to place recordings of radio broadcasts of basic chronological Bible teaching. These broadcasts are in both the Saafi and Wolof languages. (Wolof is very widely understood.)

Just after postponing the Senegal trip, Dubby was introduced to a Senegalese man who has taken on the project, already got the site running, and will be able to maintain it as needed! Dubby says, “The Lord knew that he wanted this man to do the work, and not me, so he stopped me from going! Moreover, he can do it far better than I could. This also means that I can now turn my attention more quickly to the next task the Lord has commissioned me with.”

Anna’s Parkinson’s has been very gradually getting worse, although perhaps not as quickly as expected. The Lord has provided some amazing ladies to help her. Someone needs to be with her all the time, to help her with most things, and particularly so that she does not fall and hurt herself. Despite the limitations, Anna is still in good spirits for the Lord continually supplies the grace they need.

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