One week to go

The missionary team are training thirteen teachers who will take on the next literacy class working in groups of four. They see some really good potential from these teachers and are excited to give them this responsibility, partially fulfilling one of the promises the team made when they moved in – that they would train them to do carry the work themselves.

Jason has spent the last few months trying his hand at translation and learning those ropes. It’s a long process and requires a lot of attention to detail but he was able to complete several chapters in the book of Numbers (Joshua & Caleb) to have checked by a translation consultant. Now his attention will turn primarily towards the development of Bible lessons using the translated scripture that their teammates, André and Aurélie Tousch, will be focusing on. Jason and Nisae thank the Lord for how efficient they are at translating and for being able to share the work load!

Jason also continues to plug away with lesson development. There are about 70+ chronological lessons that will be the tool in which the team present God’s story to these people. Jason’s lesson helper who heard this teaching in the neighbouring language group, has proved to be a great asset. Not only does he help with finding natural ways to communicate, but also he is helpful with finding good ways to communicate key terms like believe, grace, glory, holiness. We have been praising the Lord for providing such a great helper!

Nisae’s role over the past few months has been to assist in the translation process by taking Jason’s, André and Aurélie’s translated Scripture and checking it for comprehension with the village people and then translating it back into English so that the translation consultant will be able to check it for accuracy and understanding. As you can see it takes a lot of ‘hands on deck’ to move the work forward, and sometimes it seems they’re going at a snail’s pace because of all of the steps to complete things. Their days are spent on the translation process, Bible lesson development process (which requires its own editing and comprehension checking), editing literacy books and changing the spelling of words based partially on the new understanding of the alphabet by those in the literacy class. The language is complex and the sounds close together with two different tones. Every day of class confirms to them that they will be better teachers than the missionaries are of their own literacy class!

Although their days are largely spent in the office on editing, translation and Bible lessons, they also have to make time just to continue building relationships. Nisae has the added tasks of home schooling, literacy class and computer work. Having Kadynn home for the summer months was such a blessing. They needed family time and enjoyed it immensely! She helped out in the home with meal prep, laundry, and school for Judah and Eden. This made Nisae’s a lot easier. Please pray for them as Kadynn goes back to boarding school for another few months.

Jason and Nisae’s co-workers, the Callahans, continue to plug away at language learning having just moved into the village back in November. Pray for them as they build relationships and press on in language and culture study every day while juggling three little ones. It can be tricky joining a work a bit later while your co-workers have already begun literacy and translation work and you’re having to keep plugging away at language learning and not get distracted by other (and more exciting at times!) things going on.

The team plan to begin the teaching sometime in February 2017, but they have a lot of work to do before then!

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