One-step closer

Last month along with their Iski co-workers, the team hit a major milestone in translation. They now have 80% of the Iski New Testament consultant checked and finished! Around 2300 verses were checked with the translation consultant. This included John, Luke, portions of Matthew, Revelation, 1&2 Peter, Galatians, and 2 Timothy. Praise God for this huge accomplishment. One-step closer to completing the Iski NT!

In order to see a sustainable church, the next generation of leaders have to be equipped and discipled. It is a huge need and the Iski Bible teachers are trying to figure out how to accomplish it. They asked Jason and Andre to give direction in developing a training programme for new prospective Bible teachers. Jason and two Iski church leaders spent three days helping the church plant to look at biblical principles of discipleship and leadership training. They looked at the discipleship models of Christ with his disciples and Paul with Timothy. There are thirteen men, young and old that have shown an interest in being discipled and trained by the first generation Bible teachers. Please pray for God to protect, raise up, and equip these men for the work of ministry.

Transitions are part and parcel of the missionary life, and the current phase Jason and Nisae Williamson find themselves in is no exception. Two weeks ago they said goodbye to their co-workers, André and Aurélie Tousch and their kids. They started in the Iski work together in 2014, and have worked side by side over the years, learning the Iski language, developing the alphabet for it, teaching God’s Word, discipling their Iski friends, and translating the New Testament into Iski.

As they look back at what God has accomplished, Jason and Nisae are truly amazed and humbled. They thank God for their partnership over the years, enduring, and sacrificing so much for the sake of Christ among the Iski. André will continue with the Iski translation process until completion. Please pray for them as they make this transition.

Having grown up in PNG, Jason and Nisae’s son Judah, is about to graduate and leave his home of sixteen years! This is a big transition for all of them, but they remain confident that their Heavenly Father will give grace and peace when needed. As a family, they will travel back to the USA this summer to help set Judah up and get him settled into college. They are grateful for God’s provision for Judah – he received a full scholarship to attend Liberty University!
Many Iski friends from the two church locations gave Tousches and Judah a wonderful farewell!

Their daughter Kadynn, who is already living in the USA, and her fiancé Collin have made it official and plan to get married at the end of July. Jason and Nisae are thankful for God’s clear leading in this, and are looking forward to spending time together with them this summer.

Thank you for praying for the Iski church.